An extra dimension

During this workout, use the XCO® tubes. These two aluminum tubes filled with grit ensure that you burn significantly more calories during the workout due to their “reactive impact” that causes it

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To make the most of your workout, comfortable clothing is important. Your BRN outfit must let your body breathe and regulate your temperature so that you will be able to focus on the workout. Not only is it practical, but it also looks very nice. Turn up to the workout prepared and order your outfit here.


“I feel in shape


Despite my busy work schedule and the care taking for my children, I still want to be in a good shape. Because of the combination of cardio and muscle strengthening exercises, I feel a lot more in shape and I look more in shape as well!

“I’m going home while still dancing


The uplifting tracks from BRN® are the reason that I go home energized, even after an intensive workout. It feels awesome to burn my calories in a way like this. And because I have a background in dancing this is the best and most fun workout for me!

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