About us

From the start, BRN®, the second fitness program of House of Workouts®, was already a great success. House of Workouts® started in 2004 with their first group training called XCORE®. Additionally, this energetic company has 3 group-wide concepts on the name; XCORE®, BRN®, and more recently, LXR®. Last year BRN® we’d celebrate the 25th BRN® release!


Renata Jarz, founder of JARZ Programs

BRN®, the shape workout

The ultimate shape training for those looking for an extra dimension in their workout. All the elements in the workout are will keep you motivated, and the music and different body types being trained will undergo constant change. During this accessible, effective and highly motivational group lesson, you will work on all facets that provide a fit and tight body. Burning calories will be a party with BRN®!

What will this workout entail?

Workout for high end clubs

With the rise of low budget fitness clubs, it is difficult for many entrepreneurs to keep their businesses running. As an entrepreneur you must always stay sharp, be creative and think outside the box. Distinction plays an increasingly important role. A gym with fun alternating classes attracts more athletes. Nowadays, most people do not have time for long-term fitness sessions; the most important success factors are: effectiveness and being goal-oriented. We consider it very important to work with our clubs, so we help our licensees with the marketing and training of enthusiastic instructors.

How will your club become licensed? 


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