Want to become a BRN® license holder?

This license gives your sportcenter the opportunity to hold an official BRN® Workout every 3 months with permanent choreography and music. The license fee amounts to €95, – per month. For every 3 months there is a new release, and you will receive the Club Choreo.

Basic education

This workout may only be given by certified BRN® instructors. By following the 2-day training of €179-, instructors will receive the certificate required to take BRN® lessons. We assume that the instructed basic skills of teaching are already managed. We consider counting, choreography, coaches, etc.

Further education

The certified instructors will be upgraded every 3 months for only €29.95 per cent. Participants receive their own choreo during these events. If the instructor cannot participate in one, the choreo will be sent away (or given to a colleague). This is also €29.95. We think it’s very important to keep the quality of our instructors high and we ask them to attend at least 3 events a year. If several events are missed, the instructor is asked to follow our re-certification (free of charge).


During this workout you will use the XCO® trainers. These two aluminum tubes filled with grit make sure you burn 33% more kilocalories during the workout than if you were to train without them.

Marketing package

As a Certified Center, you will receive a complete marketing package to support the BRN® licensing program, i.e. €75-, consisting of:

  • 100 free class tickets
  • 300 flyers
  • Pressmaterials (with the logo)
  • 5 launch posters
  • A BRN banner
  • Clubchoreo

Would you be interested in starting with BRN®? Then please contact us.

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