Fatima has always been an athlete. Her specialties include karate, kickboxing and aerobics. Her life took a turn when she became a professional in recreational sports, after she was noticed by instructors at her gym. She must have really stood out, which shows her exceptional talent! In almost no time at all, she became a manager and an all-round group instructor.

Since 2012, she has ran her own “outpatient” company, Body Connect; she gives out a lot of on-the-job training. As well as this, she engages in personal training, nutritional guidance, outdoor classes, coaching and various therapeutic massage techniques to help her clients become as diverse as possible. She puts a lot of passion, fun and love into her training. Lecturing has given her high self-esteem since she is a master trainer, because training is one of her biggest strengths. “The growth of students in single education is a grateful part!”.

When she first became acquainted with XCORE® she fell in love with the grit tubes. During the BRN® launch, she was so enthusiastic about the crazy choreography with 2 tubes that she decided to follow two courses. Eventually, BRN® has become her thing and she became a master trainer; a nice bonus for our ‘BRN® addict’. Her motto is: “Everything is trainable and nothing is impossible.”

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