The BRN® Workout is an effective and highly motivational form lesson, with choreography that continuously inspires you. During the BRN® workout, use 2 small XCO-trainer® tubes for a 33% higher calorie burn. This lesson is a combination of fitness training and muscle strengthening exercises, focusing on working out both your arms and legs at the same time for optimal results.

What is the BRN® workout?

This ultimate shape workout will help you achieve your goal of the Body u Really Need. An accessible, effective and highly motivational group lesson, working on all facets for a fit, strong and beautiful body. This workout burns optimal calories and will put your whole body in shape! It is a combination of cardio, muscle strengthening exercises and code training all in one!


A workout will take 45 minutes and will consist of:

  • Warming up.
  • Cardio to train heart and lung conditions.
  • Core-training to strengthen your natural corset of abdominal, back and hip muscles.
  • Cooling-down with stretches.

For who is the workout for?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an Olympic-standard athlete, BRN® is a great workout for anyone who wants to exercise in an effective and no-nonsense manner. Beginners will start out with simple workout variations, and those who are more advanced will be challenged with more difficult variations. Certified instructors possess the sufficient knowledge and skills to adapt to the lesson components and exercises suitable for any level.  Meet the trainers!

Do you want:

  • To burn optimal calories?
  • To experience both a conditional and muscle workout in one?
  • To effectively shape your stomach, butt and legs?
  • To strengthen your abdominal, back and hip muscles?
  • To be able to look in the mirror and see the body you have always dreamed of?

Is that a yes? If so, it’s time to burn calories!

In addition to new exercises and exciting music, the BRN® workout has a different lesson structure for every 3 months. As a result, the training gives you the adequate training stimulus needed to make progress.

Training with an extra dimension.

During the workout you will use the XCO-trainer®. These two aluminum tubes filled with grit ensure that you burn significantly more calories during the workout due to the “reactive impact” that causes it.

Scientific research proves that training with this XCO-trainer® will provide:

  • A better general condition for your body.
  • Optimal fat burning.
  • A higher calorie burning.
  • A strong stomach, lower back and hip muscles.
  • A significant reduction in lower back pain.
  • Better posture.
  • A beautiful, tight body shape.

So in short: the use of XCO® tubes makes the workout much more effective.

Find a BRN® workout near you today!

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